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Colleen McFarland: Guestbook

Sherry Soehlig

April 10, 2013

It's so wonderful to hear your beautiful voice! I'm excited to find your music. God Bless

Eber Morse

December 22, 2012

Hello Colleen,

My name is Eber, I am the husband of Tracey Morse who tattooed you 7 years ago - 11/9/05 to be exact. I just stumbled upon the cd that you gave to Tracey and I must tell you that it is superb :) I'm going to be buying your albums in the not too distant future. Best of luck in Norway.

In case you are interested, you can find Tracey here:

Do you have a Facebook page??? If not, you should certainly get one to help spread the word of your wonderful music.


Ellen (halperin) Cottrill

September 15, 2012

Hey Colleen,
I happend to come across your name and looked you up. I took voice lessons from you in Philly, years ago.
You sound great. My kids are in school near Chattanooga. Next time I'm up there visiting I'll check out your calender to see if you're playing anywhere near there.



July 25, 2010

hi Bill
thanks for your lovely message, I would love to get back to the U.K. If you see or talk to Bob Harris put in a good word for me, I need a few good contacts over there to bring me back for some shows!

warm regards

Kimberly Mietzah Damkoehler

March 30, 2010

Beautiful, beautiful voice! I heard you were a friend of Garth Johnson's, and that Talkeetna's radio station had played your music, since I live in Alaska, I had to check it out. I am SO glad Garth shared the link. This was a pleasant surprise! KUDOS!
I look forward to hearing more.

Bjørn Bjørneby

February 18, 2009

Takk for innbydelsen.thank you.see you in norway in marsh

susan marlowe

January 16, 2009

colleen, the album LET IT SHINE is the best ever! thanks so much for signing it and for all the great music!! love sue

Tony P.

January 10, 2009

Hey Colleen!-

WOW!-long way from the West End and FF (this is Tony from the bookstore). The last time I saw you play/sing was at Herschel's. Hope everything is going well for you.

I can't believe Lynn is in the guestbook! Haven't seen her's been a LONG while!



November 21, 2008

Very nice site. I enjoy your webcam the most. Beautiful scenery! Keep up the great work.


November 18, 2008

good guest page.
thank you.

amy matthew

October 26, 2008

Hi Colleen I Love your songs and your voice. Please check out my own material. I would love to work with you. I am a ASCAP lyricist in Orlando. Keep it up youll go far!
Amy Matthew


August 13, 2008

your web site is super professional and full of compelling pictures and stories. Love it!

David Toscani

August 5, 2008

Hi, I'm a friend of Fallon. She played your CD in her car once and I was mesmerized! Keep the great music coming!!

Leslie Tripp

July 6, 2008

what a lovely site!

Kitt Izak

June 4, 2008

Hey Colleen! Just wanted to say hi and see how you are doing. I moved to indiana back in Dec. close to my parents . My mom hasn't been well. I bought myself a house and got a dog and of course still have Lacy J. Cat ! I work at a pool and hot tub place. can you believe it??? Long way from the music biz now, but i still play from time to time. Tammy is still in Nashville at the old house. Things have changed so much but for the better. Give me a call sometime if you still have my cell. Hope you are doing well, looks like you are. miss you- take care. Kitt

Vicki Barnett

May 22, 2008

Hey, Your cousin Kevin told us about you. My cousin has married into his family.
You have a beautiful voice. Hopefully one day we will be able to see you.


May 2, 2008


we missed tonight at the Bluebird!

Scottie and I hope you'll play a few next Thursday night at Brown's. Please!!!!!!!!

The band will be there and ready to play a few of your fabulous songs!

Be ... strong!


joey congine

April 30, 2008

hey there! first of all i would like to say i work with your cousin keven at clayton homes. i have so enjoyed your music, and you are easy on the eyes witch is a plus in your bussn. hope to meet you soon. joey congine


April 1, 2008

I'm Paul from Canada, a retired Author. I've only been at this about 4
months now, and I've hit the ground running. I'm only really getting around
to visiting all the forums now. I still have a lot to learn but I'm getting

All the best,


Kevin McEwen

March 19, 2008

Hey cuz,
Great to see you in Nashville, sorry we couldn't stay longer.
Hope you had a great trip.
We did to Savannah.
We look forward to seeing you in Nashville.
Keep in touch.

terri w.

February 18, 2008

great show at Lucas School House! Really liked your new songs! Especially Let it Shine. You and Peter compliment each other very well in your writing and harminies.
Have a Happy B-day! Love Terri


February 13, 2008

see you on saturday


February 12, 2008

looking forward to seeing you this weekend
love mom

Lynn Boone (Frame Factory!!!)

December 30, 2007

Hey My sweet ol' friend! You've been on my mind alot so I finally googled ya! I'm xo happy your music is goin so well!!! I LOVE YOU! Lynn (was Klimek)

Paul J. Koenig

December 18, 2007

Just listening to cuts from Beautiful Lie cd for the first have I missed this beautiful voice living here in St.Louis. Hope she returns for an engagement soon.


December 12, 2007

Heard your ep on Karen Miller's show. Lovely stuff.


December 8, 2007

Karen Miller played 'Let it Shine' from your promo EP on her radio programme on 30 November. To be honest, I really wasn't expecting you to be able to surpass Beautiful Lie, I thought it was just too good, but I needn't have worried if Let it Shine is anything to go by!

Fellow Colleenistas - you can hear it on

Jan Parker

November 24, 2007

Hey Colleen,

Saw yoou on TV last night. WOW Hope to see you soon. If you let me know I'll come hear you in St. Louisl



September 4, 2007

For those in the St. Louis/Southern Illinois area, you can catch Colleen's performance on "The Set" TV show on CCIN TV 11/22-25/07 Sunday - Thursday at 10:30 PM. Select performances can also be seen on Charter's Video On Demand (Go to Channel 999, I Want More, Charter Local, The Set)

bob and sheila

July 6, 2007

Hi Colleen saw you last friday at the house concert in Wokingham wonderful show come back to UK soon

Jay Koerner

July 3, 2007

Hello Colleen... just checking you out from New Jersey... hope you are doing well...

Amanda Rosier

May 24, 2007

I have just heard colleen mcfarland for the first time. The album beautiful life is the best iv heard. Amanda United Kingdom


May 9, 2007

I had the great fortune to see your show recently at Blueberry Hill in Saint Louis, MO.

Your music filled the room like a warm blanket on a chilly evening. As the set ended, my ears reminisced and I wanted to pull the blanket tightly around my neck and shoulders.


April 16, 2007

Miss jersey, Three Bean Cafe, and most of all listening to you sing. I'll never forget the packed house for your CD party, your great guest nights, warm fires in the winter, great coffee, and the warm crowd that only you could draw! Jersey's loss is,ofcoarse, Nashville's gain!!

Ronny pedersen

April 9, 2007

Thanks for the CD. we liked your musik wery much! say hello to Peter Nova from my wife and me. Hope to see you both on the company party the second weekend of june! And hopefully you play som of your music!


April 5, 2007

hey stranger! randomly came across your site (long story) couldnt resist saying hi~ hope your doing well, looks like it. i really miss the old days... :( but onward as they say right? hope your taking care... very cool site btw!

Maria Jansson

March 22, 2007

Have had you on my mind many times since you left St. Louis. I will definitely be at Cicero's April 14th! Hopefully Kirsten will be with me. Ron & I split in '99. Would love to see you. You'd make a beautiful subject for a painting. Don't cancel your gig in St. Louis!

David Vassallo

March 18, 2007

Just go 'Beautiful lie' care of cdbaby after hearing Bob Harris play one track on BBC r2. What a fabulous piece of luck. Its definately my album of the year, as for 'Rain' what an exquisite song, breathtaking.
Do come to Britain we need to hear talent like yours.


March 3, 2007

I play in a couple of rock/blues bands but listen to all kinds of music. I heard part of 1 song on the radio - I JUST HAVE TO HEAR MORE !!!!
- beautiful.


February 25, 2007

Your cd is absolutely beautiful, and has not been out of play since I got it. should come tour australia some time. We would all love you down here.

February 22, 2007

Great work,webmaster,nice


February 1, 2007

J am a friend of Peter Nova i Norway. J find your musik wery interesting/nice, and hope to come to one of your consert i Norway. hopfully this summer!! J´m a big fan of Peter Nova, and J hope that you will make a record together!

hey hey hey

January 2, 2007

happy new year hope you have a great year

Devin T

December 21, 2006

hey aunt colleen luv ya

December 21, 2006

Just another McFarland saying "Hi"

Devin T.

December 20, 2006

hey aunt, just sayin' hi. See ya at Christmas

Sergio Webb

December 14, 2006

Enjoying the Cd. Sorry I missed your set at The Family Wash. I had another gig that night. Until Our paths cross again......................
Happy trails,


November 15, 2006

Hi Colleen, SO excited to find out that you will be back in the Philly area very soon!

Love the new site!! Bring lot's of CD's to sell and a sharpie to sign. I'll be doing my holiday shopping - it'll be a McFarland
Xmas for the entire family.

Devin Thomas

November 8, 2006

Hey auntie u r the best evr


November 4, 2006

Hi Colleen..I am so excited you are coming to NJ. We look forward to seeing you. The CD sounds amazing!

Joe Turek

October 27, 2006

You were the best female vocalist I worked with in the Z Band! Miss you and we all say HELLO!!!

October 19, 2006

Looking forward to your Cicero's Gig on November 4th in St. Louis!


October 13, 2006

You are an incredible talent and I thank God I discovered your artistry today! Thank you!

I was so thrilled when I saw that you will be in Nashville next weekend, while I am there. But then I was equally as saddened when I realized you're performing at the same time and day that Patty Griffin is...and she is the reason I will be in the state of TN that weekend in the first place.

Please, please, come to Atlanta, Georgia!!!!!!!!


October 9, 2006

Hello - love the site!! Can't wait to see you in St. Louis!!

terri w

September 28, 2006

hey colleen, great reviews! they've got it right. can't wait to see you at cicero's in nov.

Jill Sissel

September 14, 2006

Colleen, cool web site! I love the photos, so charming! You rock sister ! Best of everything to YOU..... Love ya.

Kelly Ann Monahan

September 13, 2006

Your new cd is awesome Colleen...congrats on all the great reviews!

Mare Wakefield

September 11, 2006

Nice new site lady! See you soon


Pieter from the Netherlands

September 10, 2006

Hello Colleen, I think your CD is marvellous. Luckely we have CD Baby which makes it possible to purchase your music. I learned that you have made at least two more CD's. Could you make them also available through CD Baby, or mail me an adress to add these also to my collection
Keep on surprising us with your lovely music.


September 8, 2006

Hey Colleen!
I love the new website! You are such an awesome preformer. Love you so much, and God Bless You Always!

Ashley Segroves

September 8, 2006

Wow! Perfect!


September 6, 2006

I love this new site! I need to work on mine...did you do this yourself?

Holly Z.

September 1, 2006

The new site looks great...lovin' the new CD, too.